Industrialized Greenhouse Management

Industrialized Greenhouse Management


The APIS Industrialized Greenhouse Management application functions as a single source of truth. The system is an all-in-one platform that combines multiple data collection points and monitoring capabilities. The APIS platform integrates smoothly with existing BAS systems, process controllers, HVAC systems, and others for data harvesting. It provides secure dashboards, track-and-trace functionality, and quick access to retrievable data. This data provides benefit to production personnel, facility owners, auditors, and even data analysts. Users can access the platform via any internet accessible display such as tablet, phone, or laptop. 

IGM monitors all data identified as part of the critical process parameters that are aligned with GMP, United States Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR part 11) and EU annex 11. The collected data provides compliant reporting for areas such as grow rooms, storage vaults, clean rooms, and critical temperature storage or production rooms, cold-chain, processing/sorting, and personnel access/security zones to name a few. However, the system does more than report. Set-point alarms against critical conditions, including security events, can also be generated in real-time with the benefit of secure, historical data providing invaluable lifecycle crop management information. Additional monitoring and customized reporting are available as specified by the client.

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Our IGM function provides reliable insight via typical climate-zone monitoring instrumentation into the most crucial aspect of all stages of growth – climate. This module can make use of existing greenhouse monitoring hardware or incorporate our suite of high-quality, calibrated instruments.

The primary features can be listed as:

  • Trending of Greenhouse climate conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, CO2 levels, Lighting Status (including intensity), Room Pressure, Outside Temperature, and Vapor Deficit
  • Trend lengths and dates customizable based on user selection
  • User selected trend variables displayed on the same graph for analytical comparisons
  • Configurable trends via the user interface to generate .pdf reporting format and sorted in a secure archive or emailed to predetermined Authorized Personnel
  • Alarm status, email notification, and historical reporting of alarms configured for environment monitoring
  • Alarm limits and tolerances can be set and adjusted by Authenticated Users along with secondary E-Signature confirmation by Authorized Personnel

The OPE Module (Overall Performance Efficiency Module) is a software application that collects operational data from controlled environment agriculture facilities in order to generate evidence-based insights that can improve productivity and performance.

Through the collection of relevant information, the module allows for a structured, dynamic approach to business planning that is based on measurable results. By centralizing where facility data is gathered and accessed, administrative and logistical tasks are simplified, and internal knowledge can now be easily accessed and utilized. The outcome is predictive decision making and the ability to prompt innovations that can redefine and boost production goals.

The OPE Module focuses on three key areas:

  • Performance: Insight into production rates and goals
  • Quality: Captures data on quality losses within specific growth stages
  • Availability: Collects information on labour scheduling to establish a
    connection between the success of growth stages and employee presence

The OPE Module, like our other modules, is designed to be highly flexible and customizable, suitable for the needs of any operation and any process.

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The successful operation of a greenhouse or indoor facility is greatly enhanced by the accurate tracking and reporting of KPIs. In many industries, tracking KPIs can be as simple as monitoring up time of equipment, units produced or assessing the quality of the products manufactured. However, in the agricultural sector – many processes are accomplished by people, not with equipment, or a hybrid between people and semi-automation. APIS KPI Reporting tackles this complexity by providing quantifiable measures of performance linked to specific objectives and outcomes.

KPI Reporting improves production by displaying the data-driven assessment of processes to indicate success or failure.  Success is custom-defined by the client based on time availability, speed, and quality as derived from the OPE Module. This even accounts for metrics that support financial insight into real production costs.

Functional benefits of the KPI Reporting include:

  • At-a-glance dashboards of meaningful data
  • Enterprise visibility allows best practices to be shared between sites
  • Standardized score provided through OPE
  • Integration with APIS Climate module
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture industry specific ESG Score
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