Crop Consulting



Precision growing, with the perfect light, climate, and the automated mobilization of plant movement throughout all stages of production, results in lower costs, higher yields, and the ability to supply multiple markets. Behind these concepts and their promise, is a robust crop consulting program – providing a cost-effective model backed by science and proven by data. An advanced crop consulting program, developed by true growers with global, multi-crop experience, is critical to the success of any CEA facility, indoor or greenhouse.

During the pre-project phase, the process begins with an understanding of the client’s production requirements and is used as a basis for recommending the correct growing systems. Irrigation and nutrient management plans with laboratory-backed recipes are developed for higher yields. Labour efficiency is also considered, clients are advised on efficient and effective work processes and instructed how to execute on various tasks and activities. Integrated pest management and scouting further protect against losses, identifying and mitigating issues proactively. Finally, advice and support is provided through monitoring and real-time climate data along with onsite visits, ensuring nothing is overlooked.


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