Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS)


One of the most important elements of a successful project is ensuring the end result is aligned with the initial vision and functions as per the design specifications. Our Commissioning and Maintenance team validates and tracks maintenance requirements for multiple systems including HVAC, electrical, labs, irrigation, and equipment to ensure they function at their design potential. We assess the operations and maintenance manuals provided by the vendors and cross-reference those to the actual project targets to ensure compliance. We will also keep and provide digital records of these manuals to provide predictive maintenance and service of your facility over the next several years.

Our Computerized Maintenance Management Systems provide for a robust database of a facility’s maintenance operations. Whether it is a stored record of maintenance manuals, or determining in advance which equipment requires what service and when, or even where spare parts are inventoried and stored – our CMMS provides for the least amount of operational interruption possible, including directly tying into regulatory compliance as required.


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